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Who we are:
The Justice and Peace department is under one of the commission of the Catholic Church which is engaged in proclaiming of the church’s teaching and promotion of Justice, peace, reconciliation and mutual co-existence among the Ethiopian community.
It was established in 2005 following the post council message, the Church in the modern world, of the second Vatican and ecumenical council in 1965. The 1971 second general bishop assembly on the theme of “Justice in the world” also emphasized the need to act for the sake of Justice. Therefore,  to foster the mission of the church in the modern world which is alleviating poverty through establishing and supporting structures based on Justice the department and it’s all branch coordinating offices were established. Currently, including the national office there are 13 Justice and Peace desks in the 13 Dioceses.
Justice and Peace department works with a mission of creating a mutually coexisting, interdependent, peaceful and reconciled communities which practices the social and moral teaching of the Catholic Church.
Justice and Peace Department focuses on:
Capacity Building
Justice and Peace Department organizes and offers capacity building workshops and training to the diocesan Justice and Peace desks in various concepts.
Awareness creation and raising activities
The Department allot its resources and efforts on promotion of Justice, peace, religious and coexistence through creating awareness on the values of Peace, Justice, reconciliation, Human rights and Catholic Social teachings. In addition to this, to maintain the sustainability of the activities the department with its diocesan partners establish Justice and Peace working groups and clubs at the community and schools levels respectively.
Networking with same minded institutions
Besides its solo effort the department as one institution in the church has established a strong link with Inter Religious Council of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Government Ethics and Anti-corruption commission, Peace, Security and Administration offices located all over Ethiopia. Together with this institutions the department undertakes Joint peacebuilding, ethics and religious tolerance activities and organize a dialogue session among the members of the council.
Information service
Justice and Peace department gathers, compiles, prepare and disseminate information’s and messages of the church in relation to Justice and peace. Besides, the department prepares training manuals, occasion based Broachers and pamphlets. In addition to this the department attends, prepares and present papers on the topics of Justice, Peace and security at national and international level on various occasions.
Looking after Resources
As enunciated above the department is the coordinator of all the desks at all dioceses, therefore, to foster the intervention and reach out each areas of the Ethiopian community Soliciting or fund raising is part of the regular activity of the Justice and Peace Department.
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