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Who We Are:
We are a Roman Catholic Ecumenical Secular Order to support the Churches and Catholic Missions in the world. we are Roman Catholic Order. 
Mission Statement:
With the motto Health, Healing, Hope, Help, Love. (BSOMC) is a Catholic non-profit Secular Order. The Missionaries of Charity family comprises the Active and Contemplative Sisters and Brothers, priests, lay Missionaries of Charity,Benedictine Secular Order, co-workers, volunteers, and a Corpus Christi Movement for diocesan priests. with a focus on solving human and spiritual problems in needy locations around the world. As an international community, our members need to learn to speak English and the language of the country where they reside. 
The organization assists all who seek help regardless of race, religion, nationality, age or gender.
We are to allow Jesus to continue seeking out the Poor, the suffering, and those who hunger for God, binding their wounds through our presence and sacramental ministry: in mission areas, hospitals, prisons, soup kitchens, shelters of our Sisters and Brothers, in homes, in the slums and on the streets.
The BSOMC is responsible for providing first aid to people who really need help, taking medicine, treatment and healing to hard-to-reach places and places affected by environmental or human disasters.
BSOMC Works in conjunction with  Priests, missionaries, Lays, we are partners of World Catholic Medical Mission Intergovernmental Organization, a cooperative network of various medical aid agencies that work together to select and assist medical projects around the world.
The BENEDICTINE SECULAR ORDER OF THE MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY provides assistance, building and assisting local community entities, medical aid, Social workers, and other services. This is done:
By first helping existing programs and then encouraging the implementation of new initiatives.
- Including education and evangelization training where necessary and possible.
- Minimizing the sufering of the povert to help those in need as much as possible.
The BSOMC is to provide the Spiritual and Financial assistance for the Missions and poorest in the world, with headquarters in Calcutta.
The Order at Franciscan Mission endeavor, through the medium of direct mail, to encourage people of good will to become partners through their daily prayers, their sacrifices and their offerings. There is no membership fee.
In its use of a variety of popular religious booklets, BSOMC is devoted also to increasing the spiritual awareness of its clientele, reminding them of the doctrine of the Faith of Jesus, and pointing out to them how Saint Teresa of Calcutta so closely followed in the footsteps of Jesus.
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